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As any college student knows, using cliché-based material in a drinking game is a great excuse to get drunk, and what better way to find clichés than to read about lifestyle design, since every lifestyle these days is design except for those annoying traditional ones that we all try to avoid in the same unconventional way.

Disclaimer: You may use whatever liquid you prefer. If you live where the legal drinking age is more than just a suggestion, please follow all applicable laws, etc. “One drink” usually means a sip or gulp meaning the Adam’s apple is moved up and down once.

Various points of discomfort

Don’t worry, drinking alcohol will help you adjust easily.

  • This post contains a stock image, Take 3 Drinks.

  • two Different Lifestyle Blogs Use the exact same image to illustrate their unconventional lifestyle within days of each other, so feel free to drink as much as you need.

  • If the blog has some form of pop-up window covering your screen urging you to sign up for a newsletter or buy a product, slap yourself in the forehead with a stupid face and drink 10 times.

  • The blogger wrote a statement, like me, having had 3 drinks.

Overused words.

Unless I’m dreaming, lifestyle is about using incredibly beautiful and amazing words to describe ordinary things while loving them passionately.

  • The word “awesome” appears so I shout “Great as a hot dog“Have one drink.”

  • The word “amazing” appears, so take one sip, look as if you are contemplating the taste of the beer and say “amazing” with a discriminating look.

  • The word “unbelievable” appears, so show your shock and have a drink to calm yourself down.

  • The word “awesome” appears in the post. Whatever.

  • The word “dream” or “dreams” appears, so take one sip and pinch your nose to see if you’re still awake.

  • The word “passionate” or “passionate” comes up, so have a drink. You already know that your passion is drinking.

  • The word “love” or “affection” appears in the post, have one drink.

  • The word “happy”, “happier”, “happier”, “have one drink” appears.

  • The words “lifestyle” and “design” appear in the same sentence, have one drink.

  • Using the word “launch” to talk about a product that will be “launched” at some point in the future or that has been “launched” by someone else. Have 3 drinks unless the product is actually “launched” today.

*Unconventional spelling

Unconventional writing is a great way to be unconventional. Have a drink for every new, made-up word that isn’t in the dictionary, especially

  • If you spell “happiness” wrong, have five drinks.

  • If anything is described as “non-uniform,” have one drink. (The first person who notices something like “non-uniform” to describe his capri pants and purple undershirt, please let me know.)


Comments are also a good source of public interaction. The above rules still apply with a few additional rules added.

  • If the profile picture in the comments is “smart”, for example instead of a face, it shows the face reflected in the mirror, or someone jumping, or someone screaming, … having one drink.

  • If the comment says “Good post. I agree”, say “I agree too so the post is good”. And have one drink.

  • If the comment says “Bad post. I disagree”, have two drinks.

  • If a commenter claims the post was timely, open another bottle of beer (timely, of course).

Now re-read last weeks post on this blog and tell me how drunk I got.

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