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With the rising cost of living in the United States, many… [Americans] I am looking forward to retiring abroad. I’ve lived in three countries, and based on my experience setting up base in a new country, the most important things are: first, learn the language fluently, second, respect the local culture (especially if you don’t understand it), and third, embrace some of the local culture to avoid feeling left out.

It is very likely that anyone interested has already adopted some of this culture. Ultimately, this should be the main reason to live somewhere in my opinion. We should take respect seriously, but for anyone with tendencies toward indifferent/inattentive behavior, this should be the main reason to live somewhere.

, and pay extra attention outside. Language is crucial! Although most of the world speaks English, you will never be able to make the same connections with locals as you do in their native language. In particular, some jokes cannot be translated!

If you don’t know if this applies to you, it probably does. 😉 Well, that’s my year. Here’s a

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Discussing retirement abroad in more detail than I can.
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