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Purchased an electric lawn mower

I bit the bullet and bought a lawnmower. Electric, self-propelled, and just the right size for my garden. And here she is in all her beauty.

The guys (my daughter’s friends) were so excited to try it. Oh, a few more weeks until I have to start doing it myself.

I greatly appreciate the push towards electrification. With the small size of my yard, the low maintenance yard we have, and my anxiety about having to maintain the mower, this seemed to be the answer to all my problems. I delved into the reviews and I was down to Greenworks And the Ryobi.

I’ve had great success with all of my locally available Ryobi power tools, so I decided to go in that direction. The final decision was subjective or not, which represents a difference of about $70. I decided to accept it and give myself the easy way out…or so I heard.

It is very easy to get started compared to previous gas mowers which I always struggled with. Which is pretty cool, well, until the blades start.

The big selling point for me was that it folds so you can store it vertically. Since I don’t have real storage space for outdoor gear, this would make a huge difference. My garage is already tight, so having this rack or hanging it on the wall will allow me to park my car under cover.

This costs $399. By my calculations, I have to cut my lawn 8 times to make that back since I was previously paying $50 every two weeks for yard maintenance in the summer months.

To be honest, I’m not as afraid of the actual work as I used to be. Well, a little less.


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