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Layoffs and low morale in the workplace

My job has been a bit difficult lately. I’m in academia and the university I work at recently passed major budget cuts from the central administration. The cuts are sweeping and affect all departments, even those that were in good financial shape (like mine!). As part of the mandatory cuts, my department chair recently had to lay off one faculty member and one faculty member.

I’ve never worked anywhere before when layoffs like this happened. It’s just the worst. Many people in the office have developed personal friendships with their colleagues, and losing a team member means more work for everyone. All of this begs the question…

How do you all deal with very low morale in your workplace?

I have a leadership role within my unit and I know others will look to me in the wake of these layoffs. People want reassurance that their sites are safe and there’s a whole mix of emotions going on at the moment – ​​sad, angry, scared, etc. At the level of personal relationships alone, morale is at rock bottom. I don’t want to be insensitive to the situation, but is there a way to help people overcome losses and move toward a more positive work environment?

I like to hear about other people’s thoughts or past experiences. Now is a difficult time. Inflation means that more people are living paycheck to paycheck. And when you know people personally — you know their children’s names, sports, hobbies, interests, etc. — losing them during economic downturns becomes much more difficult.

At the same time, everyone wants to enjoy their workplace. We spend so much of our lives at work, it’s awful to feel like a lousy place to go to in the morning. We have historically had a lot of comrades and our team is very close. I would hate to see these losses cause lasting damage to the culture of the department.

Is there any sage advice from others who have walked this path before?

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