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Going to Texas – last minute decision

I previously mentioned that I have no plans to travel again until November. And then I plan to drive to Texas with one, if not both, of my daughters for Thanksgiving. Well, I lied. Or rather, this was not my idea. And I’m not paying for it (just so we’re clear from the start).

Last weekend, my boyfriend and I drove to Charlotte (less than a 3 hour drive from me) for the weekend Little House Gallery In the Charlotte Motor Speedway. It was great. There were a few dozen conversion trucks, scullies, and small houses for you to explore. It definitely got my mind spinning with ideas.

The little house

It was so cool to go and see and have a fun adventure with my friend. But back to the point of this post…

There’s a sale, want to come?

While we were on the road heading to Charlotte, my dad texted and offered for Princess and I to travel to Texas between semesters of school if we wanted to come. It is clear Southwest He had a sale if you bought trips with points, and he was the king of collecting points for all our trips. (I didn’t read the text while I was driving; however, I asked my friend to read it to me because I never know what my parents will need, so I try to be really responsive.)

Anyway, I immediately called Princess because I knew she was taking a week off from work in May and asked her if she wanted to spend part of her week in Texas. It was a game. So I called my dad, gave him the dates and said just book what you can find, we’re flexible with those dates. (I’ll have to quit my job as a catering coordinator, but I’ll work my other job while traveling easily.)

By the time we got to Charlotte, I had the flight information in my email. Next month, the Princess and I will spend four days in Texas. It also happens to be the week of her birthday. This will make it extra special for her and the gymnast to come together. I am happy to see my little boy.

I realize that my freedom to travel as I please, whether it’s a day trip to Charlotte or a 4-day trip to Texas, will end in the not too distant future when Beauty moves on. But I am so grateful for the freedom that being here to watch and feed the dogs provides.

Sidenote: The beauty and her boyfriend went to Texas last month. That’s why you won’t be making this trip.

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