On blowing the nose

Shout out to the marketing people at Kimberly-Clark, the company that makes Kleenex. They’ve somehow managed to convince all of us (by that I mean you guys, not me) that blowing your nose with a disposable piece of paper instead of a tissue is the correct way to get rid of mucus.

Of course this saves A fixed source of income for the company and fixed expenses for everyone Those who have not yet learned the art of the snot rocket or consider snot rockets a violation of etiquette in a corporate environment, well, I think this applies to all of us. So I use a tissue. A bandana is, in case you don’t know, a piece of cloth about 10 x 10 inches. For more details ask any elderly person over 60 years old.

The wipes are comfortable and fit well in a pocket Unlike tissue boxes which are somewhat inconvenient and unsightly when placed in the front pocket. In addition, I can easily blow into a tissue, whereas I have yet to perform the same demonstration of lung force directed at a nostril on a tissue. Another consideration is that using tissues requires access to a trash can. Otherwise, the mucus-soaked wipes have to go into the pocket and take them out again in their semi-wet state – not as fun as hunting for a used but dry wipe.

Getting around costs. The wipes last a long time. The reason is that they can be reused – what a concept – and washed, whereas the same is not the case for paper napkins. This fact seems to escape DW because she still leaves tissues in her jeans pockets for me to wash from time to time, well

The good news is that unlike cleats, which make the soles of your shoes last longer, cleats can still be purchased in stores. I prefer my napkins to be white/light, solid and not embroidered. Embroidery irritates the nose and does not absorb well and the colors do not look good when washed in warm or hot water.

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