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By Vicki Munro

It seems like spring has finally arrived in the Midwest. Maybe I’m speaking too soon though. There’s currently no snow on the ground, but it could be a foolish spring. The fact that I can finally see the grass has me starting to think and make summer plans.

I think we overdid it last year, we went on a trip back to the east coast, attended several concerts including the Eras tour, and had family visit us. Honestly just thinking about all this activity makes me tired! Especially since one of my family members is sick and has a lot of extra work ahead of him. I’m so busy that I’ve had to turn down work, which rarely happens and is a big “problem.”

This year I want to have a slower, less expensive summer, which will be easier on our wallet and more aligned with our financial goals. Here’s what’s on our minds so far.

Free camping equipment

I think I mentioned that we wanted to try camping and spend more time in nature, which would help support my mental goals. After my partner’s mother heard about our plans, she graciously offered us her REI rewards points so we could get some camping gear.

We were all outfitted with a tent and camping stove thanks to her generosity. I’m looking forward to going on at least one camping trip this year. I don’t think we’ll be too far from home as there’s so much wonderful nature around.

We plan to stay in rural campgrounds to save money and have a nature-oriented experience. Some of our area’s premium campgrounds have wilderness amenities like miniature golf courses and convenience stores. Even though I’ve never camped before, I think it would be more like vacationing at a resort than camping! This is not the atmosphere I am going for. I want real s’mores around a campfire, having the woods experience I never had as a kid!

Attending a family wedding

Another event we have planned for the summer is an upcoming family wedding. It will happen at the beginning of June on the East Coast, which will be a great trip. But fortunately we can stay with family, so gas should be the main cost.

We don’t usually go out of our way to attend weddings. But my partner hasn’t seen this side of the family in person in years and I’ve never met them, so we really wanted to attend.

These two trips are full of excitement and activity and I think I can handle it this summer! The rest of the time, I like to relax on my balcony and soak up the sun with some iced tea and a book. Let me know if you have any plans you’re looking forward to. I’m interested to hear how you all provide summer fun.

By the way, thank you for the kind comments on my last post! I wish I had time to respond to everyone individually but things are getting hectic between work and family. Whereas before I was in danger of falling apart emotionally, I’m still holding on strong thanks to new physical coping strategies. It is reassuring to know that they are working and making a difference even in times of stress.

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