Books to understand the future

I want to draw your attention to this excellent Book list Compiled by Charles Hugh Smith, who also writes Of two minds And Survival+ (See this post). Many of these books also form the basis of my own thinking about the future [and the past and the present].

It also includes the ERE Book as shown here in the “ERE Library” modeled after Jefferson’s library. Yes, he had bookcases very similar to these, which I designed using them [most of] the Instructed by Roy Underhill.

Actually, I just wanted to show off the book case I just finished making. It’s my first foray into the world of dovetailing, and this case took about 8 hours to put everything together including squaring the boards using a block level, drilling dowels and dovetails.

Total material cost for the case: $5 or so. It will last for decades unlike disposable nail and chipboard furniture. Whether he deserves to live this long is another matter.

Note: It was actually designed to serve as a CD case, which is why the pins are on the wrong flaps of the book case. The plan was to smooth out the corners like the originals, but I had a hard time thinking in 3D as it was. The next iteration will include crowned corners [and hopefully tighter dovetails].

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Originally published on 2011-04-26 19:03:38.

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