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Yard work – oh!

The grass grows again.

I think I can end my letter there with all the pain the thought causes me. Don’t get me wrong. I love gardening and my yard and all that…but the weekly maintenance is a pain. Last year, you had a hard time keeping up with paying for yard service.

I am trying to do better and take your advice. So, I’m going to do my yard work, and I’m going to buy the lawn tools I need. And I fear it everywhere.

I am not looking forward to:

  1. The need for equipment maintenance. As good as I am with computers, I’m just as bad, if not worse, with mechanical stuff.
  2. The weekly chore in the heat of mowing the lawn, pulling weeds and edges, and blowing leaves and grass.

I’m just afraid of it! (It’s worth $50 every two weeks to have someone else handle this stuff.) But if I were to stick with it.

Fix it first

My grass really needs mowing. So when the April payment arrives, I’ll start finding a lawn mower. But in the meantime, I have to fix some problems in my garden.

If you’ve been here a while, you know I have a problem with flooding. Well, in February, my daughter’s boyfriend came over and helped me clean out the drain in the back. That really helped. But I still have a few areas that are of ongoing concern and need to be addressed.

The largest hole is about 3 feet deep and about 5 feet wide, perhaps more. This hole has occurred three times over the course of nearly 7 years here. The city has twice come out to “fix” it. And it gets bigger and bigger. The other two are places where the cement pipes under the side yard are separated and exposed. So, last week, my daughter’s boyfriend (actually ex) was home from spring break. He kindly came forward to help me address these areas of concern.

He brought them out with big (pictures) and then we came up with a game plan. (My father contributed his expertise to this plan as well.)

For my concrete pipe area, I bought some flashing that we covered with dirt to try to keep water and debris from filling the pipe that already overflows when it rains. I was able to find small sheets of glitter for $8 each at Tractor Supply. Where else would it require purchasing a full roll for $50-60 which would also have required a special tool to cut it.

Now the bigger hole, we dug it bigger, filled it with the largest “rocks” he could get, at a cost of $0, and then filled it with dirt. I hope with the rocks in them, it doesn’t happen again. So far so good, one rain fall and it sticks.

More plans

I have additional plans for the arena this year. He agreed to help me with them when he came home from school in the summer. (And yes, I have assured my daughter that she approves of this request.) But I know I won’t have the budget for it.

But first…the lawnmower. Ugh!

Side note: This is the text message I sent to my three sons…

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