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Debt of Hope Update – March 2024

By hope

Once again, I was paid a month in advance. Once the money arrived at my bank, I sat down, scheduled the payments, and reviewed my expectations. Man, it feels good to be back on my feet.

This month I had to take care of a few things before focusing solely on debt:

  • Find out about taxes and get ahead of the game on them.
  • Made a double payment for my car insurance since I requested a due date extension last month. I wasn’t sure when I would start this job or get paid, and I didn’t want to risk being late.
  • Do some needed maintenance on my car that they mentioned last fall. I have the brakes done, but there are some other 100k mile services that I was advised to do as often as possible.
  • My eye exam – scheduled for later this month.

I’ve been able to pay off about half of Sam’s card, but other than that, there hasn’t been much movement on the debt. I feel good about the progress I have made on all fronts. Easily! Thank God! (You can view last month’s debt update here.)

Description of debts October 2023 Total interest rate Minimum payment Current total
CC-SAMS $1,106 29.99% $40 $679
CC – wander $1,630 29.24% $75 $1,701
Personal Loan No. 1 $2500 0% $500 (starting April) $2500
Personal Loan No. 2 $2500 0% $500 (starting April) $2500
CC – USA $5000 19.15% $135 $4,941
CC – border $3857 29.99% $131 $3,602
CC – Amazon $1,497 29.99% $53 $1,457
Dad – new oven $2600 0% $2600
Car loan $19,581 12.69% Gymnast pushes $17,109
Student loans $22,121 2.875% In postponement $22,450
CC – Apple** 500 dollars Paid every month $0
CC – AMEX $894 29.24% $0 $0
the total $61,186 $483 $59,539


I’ve rearranged my debt schedule a bit with the goal of getting things in order that I hope to pay off. The paid item is then also moved down so that the starting balance reflects progress. (In the past, I would remove the item when it was paid for, and then I couldn’t really see the progress that easily.)

And I plan to keep spending through the spring for, well, as long as possible. I’m laser focused on getting back on my feet and getting out of debt!

The gymnast and I are exploring taking him out of insurance. We have scheduled some time together next Monday to file his taxes and call some insurance companies to see what our options are. (His options).

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