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When I was a precocious kid, i.e. annoying as I am now, but in a kinder, more excusable way, our family went on a road trip through Sweden. I was reading road signs as a way to pass the time. This helped prepare me for a wonderful career in scientific research, but I digress… The thing that puzzled me was that all the way through Sweden there were street signs pointing in the direction to a town called “The Centre”. I thought the “center” was a high-powered city in Sweden like Washington, D.C. or Hollywood, California, or that we were driving in circles, which is also not a far-fetched hypothesis given the designated driver/navigator team (my parents). I dismissed the idea of ​​Sweden having a 4D hypercube topology as too strange. No need to mail me the answer, I’ll find out later, okay?

But there is one thing that still confuses me. Sometimes I hear those 30-second ads on the radio where an upbeat guy/girl explains how “Everyone loves eating out at Olive Garden” or “Everyone wants to go shopping at Macy’s” or “Everyone deserves a vacation at… (Table Rock, Wyoming).“(Population 82) I’m sure they do.

However, because of my love of Table Rock, Wyoming, I can’t figure out who this “everybody” character is. I’ve never heard, “Everyone deserves to retire before they’re 40,” “Everyone wants to start a ROTH IRA.” Scottrade“, or “Everyone needs to save 50% of their income.” Maybe these things are difficult to say in a cheerful voice? Well.. “Yes, everyone needs to save 50% of their income so that they can retire before they turn 40, okay! “I’ve been practicing! It can be very difficult, but I’m sure I’ll get through it.”

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Originally published on 10-12-2007 15:54:00.

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