Two different ways to rest

There are two different ways to achieve comfort. Comfort is one of the core values, if not the core value of utility or satisfaction, and so it is wise to study ways to achieve this comfort. The first way is external (and by inference, the second way is of course internal).

Seeking comfort through external means has become the standard approach. Usually, the means are sought in the market. Convenience is bought. It is expensive to purchase and that is why people still work hard to achieve it. Moreover, purchasing is not the most effective means of achieving all types of comfort. Yes, I could buy a mattress that would make me more comfortable, but no, buying a larger car to compensate for a small i* would only go so far.

By the way, ***i* stands for brain

Internal means are old, outdated, or rather wise. I think these are much better than external methods. With a high tolerance for discomfort, discomfort becomes comfortable. This is not me trying to make things lighter or easier so that I can comfortably engage them. Rather, the heaviest and most difficult things become so that the ordinary becomes easy and the impossible becomes merely a challenge. The internal method moves the zero point that evaluates whether something is comfortable or not.

For anyone looking for comfort externally, anything outside the optimal range will feel uncomfortable. For anyone looking for comfort internally, the range of comfort will be much wider.

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Originally published on 07-12-2009 21:59:51.

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